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Partners & Customers

We work closely with our customers and would like to refer you to their services as well. Below is a (partial) list.

HyperFilter DDoS Protection Solutions

Advanced DDoS Protection available within our datacenters as well as over GRE or IPIP tunnels.

This service is also capable of handling specific attacks (L7) towards for example Teamspeak 3 Servers.
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Why CDNvideo? Our personal approach to customer problems helps us to offer CDN solutions specifically tailored to your requirements.

Built-in Network Scalability enables us to deliver unlimited volumes of traffic and support an unlimited number of concurrent viewers. Immediate availability gives you the opportunity to stream on the web and mobile platforms immediately with the help of our online self-provisioning tools. You can also select additional services such as CDN security, geotarget, DVR and others.

CDNvideo proprietary Intelligent Load Balancer delivers your traffic from the nearest server with the best performance and with the least load. We constantly scan and test our network to ensure we maintain a high quality of delivery throughout the world.

Other Benefits such as: Free 14-day trial, Immediate provisioning and account activation, Store video content on our storage infrastructure, Unlimited number of simultaneous connections & 24x7 Technical Support accessible via the web or by phone
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Reseller company in Vietnam for NFOrce hosting services
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