Abuse / DMCA

Abuse / DMCA

As we are an internet service provider (ISP) we are open for abuse reports. However you must understand we do not operate our servers, our only purpose is to service the internet connection and the server hardware to support this.

When sending in a takedown/remove request from content which is hosted on one of our IP addresses please try to negotiate with the third party which is hosting malicious, offending or violating any content rights itself first. NFOrce Internet Services is not the owner of the content hosted on our servers. Most parties have their own abuse contact addresses and are mostly listed on their websites or domain contact details (whois). If the details are not correct or false (in the domain WHOIS information) you can contact the tld-maintainer of the specific domain to suspend the domain. This is mandatory as the contact information must be filled in correctly.

No response or no contact details

When third parties are not responding to your abuse claims, or there is no contact information available, you can use this abuse contact form. We will take appropriate action and see to it your abuse claim gets to the right person(s).

As our client

As a client, when hosting content which can cause problems with copyright, or any other form of abuse. We will ask for an abuse e-mail address where we, or people who claim to have content-rights can send their abuse to. If no address is supplied, or we find out there is no response on the address; appropriate action will be taken and possibly a termination of the service provided by NFOrce Internet Services

Take-down tool

A take down tool (software designed to easily remove content from a website or service) can be supplied to copyright holders or authorities which act upon behalf of the copyright holder. This is entirely the responsibility of you (our client). A takedown tool is mandatory when providing services such as imagehosting and video broadcasting, however this is not legally required.

If you (our client) have clients of your own, you are also responsible for the content which may be hosted on servers (owned by NFOrce Internet Services) ordered by you. It is your responsibility to setup your own abuse policy towards your clients.

We accept the following kinds of reports:
  • Copyright Infringement / DMCA Violations
  • Hacking / Denial Of Service
  • Fraud / Phishing / Malware
  • SPAM / Spamvertised
  • Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)
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