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IP Transit

IP Transit provides a fast, burstable, connection to the Global Internet from any one of our on-net locations throughout Europe via our premium multi-homed network, AS43350. When using BGP your routers will be sent a full Internet routing table (a default route may also be originated if required) and your announced address space will be announced to all upstream providers and peers. We support an extensive set of customer definable BGP community strings allowing you to control propagation of your own prefixes, as well as distinguish the origin of routes we send to you.

IP Transit
€ 81.00 Per 1 month.
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IP Transit


Point of Presence
Your current price: €81.00 (setup fee of €100.00 not included)

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Per 1 month Per 3 months (no setup fee) Per 6 months (5% discount, no setup fee) Per 12 months (10% discount, no setup fee) Per 24 months (15% discount, no setup fee)

TIER 2 - IP Transit

Our IP transit service consists out of nearly a thousand of networks reachable over direct peering, as well as a handful of TIER 1 IP transit providers.