Blockchain Wallets are now compatible with Bitpay's protocol

Posted on 2019-08-29

NFOrce keeps expanding the payment portal options for you, to provide you easy access and choice for your preferred and secure payment method. NFOrce is excited to announce that Blockchain’s wallets are now compatible with BitPay's Payment Protocol.

BitPay's Payment Protocol ensures that customers send the right amount of crypto-currency quickly enough to pay NFOrce. It acts like the cashier at a retail store when you're paying with cash. If you accidentally pay too much or too little, the cashier can notify and help you correct the mistake.

Payment Protocol does the same before you pay with crypto-currency because, once you send it, that crypto-currency is out of your control and needs to be sent back. During peak congestion, it costs more to get a transaction confirmed immediately. With Payment Protocol, BitPay ensures that transactions are properly formed, including the correct amount and necessary fee for fast confirmation.

In short, Payment Protocol allows for payments with far less hassle and unnecessary refunds which makes it a better payment experience for you.

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