NFOrce is now officially ISO27001:2013 Certified

Posted on 2019-01-18

NFOrce Entertainment is proud to announce, that we officially have achieved our ISO27001:2013 certification for services!

For those who aren’t familiar with it, ISO27001:2013 is the internationally recognized standard that demonstrates a commitment to data security, adhering to an information security management system, and fostering a culture of awareness of security that encompasses all aspects of company operations and activities.

Our customers will benefit from the absolute best protection available as this certificate ensures that we will keep confidential information secure and will allow for a secure exchange of information. Furthermore, it will minimize the risks of exposure of your data and it will allow for a relationship based on trust and customer satisfaction. Compliance regulations have been taken into account as well, thus assuring that we can offer even better services and we will keep on improving in these matters. Overall our ISO27001:2013 certificate represents the confidence you as our customer can have in the management of any and all risks.

The journey to achieve this certificate did take us some time and required us to take a step back and look at our entire company from a perspective of risk and threat. We have been actively mapping all risks pertaining to your data and we consequently set up our Information Security Management System. As a follow-up, we have implemented additional security measures to prevent these events from happening within our company. The final step to obtain our certificate was the audit, which was done by an external company. Due to the combined input and diligence from our entire team, we passed this audit with flying colors.

This is not where our journey with ISO27001:2013 ends though, as we will continually and actively keep improving our policies to make sure that even new threats won’t pose any risks. As we offer our customers the best of every service, this is an integral part of our day to day business. We like to think that has always been the case, only now we have a certificate to prove it!

Our customer benefits;
- Keeps confidential information secure
- Allows for secure exchange of information
- Manages and minimizes risk exposure of your data
- Provides a sense of security regarding NFOrce’s risk management
- Supports compliance with other regulations, so NFOrce can provide better service in the near future
- Builds a culture of security, which results in a relationship based on trust
- Provides a competitive advantage of dealing with a certified company
- Enhances customer satisfaction

The information you store with us is safe and sound and we’ll make sure it will remain safe in years to come!

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