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Posted on 2018-11-01

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. keeps improving its service and network. For some hardly noticeable, for others a real benefit.
Some of the benefits for our customers are like the below.

- 24/7 support
- Free incoming bandwidth
- Free Phone Support
- Free Email-Support
- Installation using the PXE protocol
- Free KVM access
- APC power-port access
- Quality network and A-branded hardware
- No outrageous prices for over-usage
- Service Level Agreements (SLA)
- Customer specific solutions

- Over 2.3 Tbps of internet capacity
- Custom network solutions
- Redundant network structure
- Instant traffic statistics
- Top class tier one IP transit providers
- Our own Network Operating Center
- Qualified and certified employees

With a total of 8 IP transit providers, from which 6 are officially labeled as a tier-1, it ensures you the best and most optimum experience you can expect in the market. We as NFOrce believe the default should be of high quality, we have worked towards this goal for a very long time. Rest assure, we will continue to do so, and we will not stop here.

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