Ripe Atlas (sponsor) anchor upgrade

Posted on 2018-07-19

NFOrce Internet Services has upgraded their RIPE Atlas anchor with brand new hardware. We upgraded from v.2 to v.3, which effectively means even more accurate, faster and reliable measurements.

What are RIPE Atlas anchors?
RIPE Atlas anchors are both enhanced RIPE Atlas probes with more measurement capacity, as well as regional measurement targets within the greater RIPE Atlas network.

Anchors provide valuable information about local and regional connectivity, both for those hosting a RIPE Atlas anchor and for the entire Internet community. In most cases, it is not necessary to send a ping or traceroute around the entire globe in order to identify problems in local connectivity – investigating regional connectivity is usually sufficient.

In addition to performing more measurements themselves, RIPE Atlas anchors also act as well-known and co-operating targets for user-defined measurements set up by probe hosts throughout the RIPE Atlas network, and are located at hosts with sufficient bandwidth to support this larger number of incoming measurements.

Find out more about Ripe Atlas anchors HERE

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