Premium, the new default

Posted on 2018-05-30

The network of NFOrce Internet Services is designed with four key pillars in mind - robustness, performance, quality and scalability. Without one of these pillars, the network does not meet our stringent requirements.

All of our networks are fully IPv4 and IPv6 enabled and equipped with A-branded flagship equipment, which enables our clients to scale to meet their needs - this without sacrificing quality, speed or robustness.

We have invested an enormous amount of time and money in our infrastructure, TIER 1 transit providers, Data-Centers and the use of high-tech equipment. We are now proud to say we have been able to create a high quality profile for internet connectivity using an amazing mix of IP transit providers, public peering exchanges and private peering partners. We now have over 2.5 Tbps of quality capacity towards the internet - which is available from any of our hosting locations.

Over the past half year we have slowly been rolling out the premium routing profile (class 1) onto our regular (class 2) profile as well. With this, we will be changing the name of our class 1 to -Premium Plus- and our class 2 to -Premium-. The majority of our customers will not directly notice any difference, since behind closed doors, the profile has been rolled out slowly over the past half year already.

Our current class 1 profile will carry the new name Premium Plus, this class comes with some additional features like a live re-routing feature (based on tagging packets using iptables yourself) and more quality support for re-routing requests. It gives you the ultimate freedom and support to ensure an absolute smashing performance on the network, no-matter where your packets are going to, you decide which way you like to send it out.

With a total of 8 IP transit providers, from which 6 are officially labeled as a tier-1, it ensures you the best and most optimum experience you can expect in the market.

We as NFOrce believe the default should be of high quality, we have worked towards this goal for a very long time. Rest assure, we will continue to do so, and we will not stop here. You can expect some amazing (new) features and changes (for the better) over the coming years.

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