Harddisk shortage and pricing

Posted on 2011-11-07

The floods in Thailand started to cause problems in harddisk delivery and pricing. The prices went up with 200% in the past 2 weeks on nearly all harddisks.

Up till last week we have been able to deliver without any price changes or shortage of disks. However starting this week we have to acknowledge the fact this is not going to be resolved this year. This means the pricing for 3 TB disks will become much higher and more difficult to deliver.

As we always keep a large stock, we still have plenty of 2 TB disks for the next couple of weeks. When we run out of disks we will have to update the pricing for these as well.

As we do not want you as customer to pay 200% more, we will partly cover the costs ourselves.

The new pricing will only affect new sales ofcourse.

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