400Gbps capacity available after the latest upgrade with Cogent

Posted on 2018-02-13

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. keeps improving its service and network. For some hardly noticeable, for others a real benefit. Also customers on a tight budget will not be forgotten by NFOrce.

We are continiously working on expanding our network capacity and quality. Today we have finished the upgrade of one of our IP transit providers, Cogent. We have doubled the capacity and upgraded from 200 Gbps to a massive 400 Gbps.

Cogent is a multinational Tier 1 Internet Service Provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. Their primary service offering consists of Internet access and data transport, offered over their award-winning fiber optic, IP data-only network.

Cogent was founded on the premise that bandwidth can be treated like a commodity—produce mass amounts and position it for sale based on price.

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