LINX and DE-CIX capacity doubled

Posted on 2018-04-09

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. has decided to double their capacity with LINX and DE-IX, both know as IX. An Internet exchange point (IX or IXP) is a physical infrastructure through which NFOrce exchange Internet traffic between their networks (autonomous systems). Furthermore, the increased number of paths available through the IXP improves routing efficiency and fault-tolerance.

LINX mission is to provide world-leading internet exchange points for the mutual benefit of members, that provide increasing performance and value.

LINX’s Core Values are:

An open community of network operators, interconnecting and passing traffic, to maintain and grow an “Internet for everyone”, all without interference

Excellence – they believe in providing world-class engineering and products, top-tier reliability and resilience, brilliant communications and services. “Good enough” is not good enough.
Openness – they welcome anyone who would benefit from LINX membership.
Transparency – they aim to be as transparent as possible with our members.
Mutuality – they are owned and governed by our members.
Neutrality – they treat all members fairly, and avoid privileging particular members, groups or business models.

DE-CIX provides premium network interconnection services and operates several carrier and data center neutral interconnection platforms in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and India.

DE-CIX’s Core Values:

Founded in 1995, DE-CIX’s Internet Exchange in Frankfurt is the world’s leading interconnection platform, managing more than 6 Terabits per second peak traffic.

Passion and commitment
DE-CIX and its employees stand for integrity and honesty as well as for passion for technology, customers, and partners. They are committed to serving the Internet and the network community with our 20 years+ experience in connecting networks. Everything we do is based on openness, transparency, and accountability.

Mission: They ensure network interconnection runs securely and smoothly
DE-CIX’s mission is to ensure that the Internet and network interconnections run securely and smoothly by providing interconnection services to all kinds of network operators and corporations. They are committed to supporting and pushing forward the development of network interconnection. To do this, they operate platforms to enable NFOrce Entertainment B.V. to exchange any kind of traffic, and they constantly plan, develop and implement new interconnection services.

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