100 GBit/s capacity expansion with Core-Backbone GmbH

Posted on 2018-01-24

With more than 10 years of experience Core-Backbone successfully established their position in a growing and innovative business sector. With three high-performance data-centers in Nuremberg and the daily operation of thousands of servers they have gained a wide knowledge and expertise.

They are offering services based on their competence, experience and reliability which are needed for an effective online presence. The scaling and optimisation of large, rapidly growing online platforms is also part of their business. This makes Core-Backbone an ideal partner of NFOrce Entertainment B.V., with the same philosophy and values, NFOrce has decided to double the capacity from 100G to 200G with them. Safeguarding against failure, availability and reliability of our and your infrastructure are the key factors in the realisation of your internet presence.

Core-Backbone is the right partner if you want to transfer IP-packets dependable, efficient and fast from A to B.

A constant monitoring of latency and transferred packets via three different monitoring systems with a total of more than 10.000 measuring points allow them to give a perfect service and a quick reaction in case of a malfunction in the network and they had a 99.999998% availability in the years of 2009 till 2016.

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