A new massive step in expansion with Seabone

Posted on 2018-03-07

The Infrastructure has again improved with a massive expansion in capacity, to ensure our customers a higher level of quality, reliability and flexibility which they might expect from NFOrce Entertainment B.V.

The expansion from 8x 10Gbps to 2x 100Gbps with Seabone , provides NFOrce with an additional 120Gbps of high quality network possibilities

Sparkle and NFOrce have a similar philosophy and both are committed to providing reliable, high quality Internet services through their global network.

Who is Seabone.
Seabone is Sparkle's IP Transit service: a worldwide Tier 1 Internet backbone providing ISPs, content providers and accelerators with top performing access to the Global Internet. With its vast presence throughout Europe, Latin America and the United States, its unique presence in Africa, the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin, and its continuous expansion in Asia Pacific, Seabone is one of the Top 10 global IP players providing “state-of-the-art” performance, robustness, and reliability.

The innovative concept and architecture of its meshed network provides a congestion-free environment, ensuring a fail-proof service to customers of NFOrce. Fault tolerance and redundancy are fully granted by a network that circles the globe reaching across Europe to Asia, from Asia through the US and from the US back to Europe.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection in our network quality, we can catch excellence.......

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