Significant upgrade with NL-ix

Posted on 2017-12-14

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. is proud to announce their latest upgrade with NL-ix in extending the capacity by 2,5 times.

The evolution of the IX model and development of new interconnection businesses, enabled NL-ix to fully integrate the two sides of the business. The synergy between the Internet Exchange and interconnection services with NFOrce is powerful.

Who is NL-ix
NL-ix has 620 member networks and operates a stable, low-latency, transparent fabric interconnecting 15 countries, 25 important metropolitan areas cities and 105 data centers and these numbers are constantly growing.
Today, all of this has made NL-ix Europe’s most experienced - and largest - international Interconnect Exchange.

Expanding with NL-ix, brings NFOrce ahead of many competitors in the market and together with their unparalleled support and quality network, NFOrce keeps up with their goals to offer only a high quality and reliable network to their customers.

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