Completely renewed Payment Portal

Posted on 2017-08-22

In line with our goal to offer better efficiency, security and better accessibility to our customers on payments, we have completely renewed our payment portal for online payments.
The new NFOrce Entertainment B.V. payment portal will provide a simpler, quicker and more efficient method of making different payments.

With the ability to choose from over 10 different payment options and more to follow, NFOrce Entertainment B.V. has covered most of the known payment methods.

• PayPal
Pay with PayPal or with your bank account / creditcard through PayPal.

• Skrill
Pay with Skrill (Skrill Balance, iDEAL, Sofort Banking).

• BitPay
Pay with BitPay using your Bitcoin wallet.

• Payza
Pay with Payza using your Payza Wallet or with Bitcoins.

• Docdata
Pay with Docdata (American Express, MasterCard, VisaCard, Maestro).

The benefits don’t stop there, though. Additional advantages of the NFOrce payment portal include:

Your additional benefits:
- The ability to make your payments 24/7. This can and will save you time.
- Faster account settlements. All payments are processed instantaneously, eliminating delays.
- Enhanced payment security. You don’t have to worry about secure payments.
- Your payments happen electronically without requiring human intervention, you don’t have to invest much time and it is faster.
- Greater convenience. You can handle your payments while on the go — no matter where you are.

Just click on Payment Portal to visit it.

Of course it also is possible to pay by wiretransfer. On our financial page you will find our details and options.

• Wiretransfer

Just click on Financial Page to visit it for details.

* Note: Be sure to add either your customer id / invoice id / ticket id / weborder id, when making a payment.

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