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Posted on 2017-06-08

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. always likes to be on the front row of new technologies, features and specific tooling to offer our clients. We hereby are proud to roll-out something new. 

*NEW* Instant live rerouting feature.
From now on, for clients who have purchased premium bandwidth and enjoy their own subnet (VLAN), our specialized technical team within NFOrce Entertainment B.V. have developed a simple and efficient way to pick routes (outbound) over our transit providers. This is based on DSCP flags which one can apply/tag themselves to any outbound acl rules you can come up with. For example this can be based on a destination IP, a whole destination subnet or perhaps certain tcp/udp ports on the source or destination. Anything your server can match with an outbound acl, you can apply/tag a DSCP flag to. Based on a list we provide to you, you can apply the correct flag to have your packet routed out over the preferred provider. It will give you almost unlimited possibilities.

In case the next-hop ip is down of the chosen provider, it will (after arp times out on the router), revert back to use the default routing. This is good in case of long term outages of a provider when they are doing maintenance.

Your Benefits
> More versatile towards your customers
> Increased redundancy / network resiliency
> increased routing control
> Better user experience
> simple and efficient
> Easy self manageable without the help of NFOrce Entertainment B.V.
> Almost unlimited possibilities
> Flexibility
> Excellent support

Do note, at this moment, we are testing this and the outcome so far is excellent. For many of our bigger clients, who value a system where they can be in control of their routing manually, this would be considered as the ultimate Tool. 

Do you have Premium Bandwidth and should you be interested in seeing this implemented for your own subnet (VLAN), please contact for a tailored solution to your needs. 

* NFOrce Entertainment B.V. reserves all rights to update, modify or cancel above at any time without prior notice.

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