With Level3, NFOrce is taking their infrastructure to the next level.

Posted on 2017-04-04

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. is proud to announce a new strategic level in their infrastructure.

The network is the core of our business and with Level3 our goal is to improve the quality and reliability of our network and operate it even more efficiently – while simultaneously Level3 is keeping data safe and secure.
Level3 is operating a TIER 1 network and is at the moment the largest local exchange carrier (CLEC) and the 3rd largest provider of fiber-optic internet access (based on coverage) in the United States.

The Infrastructure has improved to the underneath, to ensure our customers a higher level of quality, reliability and flexibility which they might expect from NFOrce Entertainment B.V.

Transit Providers
• AS3257 (GTT)
• AS2914 (NTT)
• AS6461 (Zayo)
• AS3356 (Level3) --NEW--
• AS6762 (Seabone)
• AS174 (Cogent)
• AS33891 (Core-Backbone GmbH)


Private Peering
• AS5400 (BT)
• AS50673 (Serverius)
• AS8657 (Telecom PT)

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