Dear Customers, We are closely monitoring the development of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Below you can find an update on the quickly evolving situation which may affect our operations and might cause unforeseen delays for our customers.

Certain areas within the Netherlands are affected by the outbreak and we as NFOrce are forced to take precautions and implement safety measures. Unfortunately, this might cause delays which are caused by a limited active work force and other restrictions. We as NFOrce will still strive to minimize the delays as much as possible. We hope we can count on your understanding for the situation which is affecting the world.

We hope you all stay safe and take care.


Office partial closed during

Posted on 2011-07-02

Office partial closed
From: Monday 1st of August 2011
Till: Friday 19th of August 2011

Normal business hours will be resumed on Monda the 22nd of August 2011.

Support contact
Our support by phone is degraded during this period, emails are handled regularly
but response times will be higher.

* There will be employees active for handling emergency support only
- Excluding any software or OS configurations
* Please use our support email as direct (cell) phones will be unavailable

Important notes
* The network staff will always be monitoring the network. If you think
there is a problem please wait a few minutes as the problem might get fixed

* PLEASE DO NOT reboot your server, upgrade any kernels, change your
network settings or adjust your firewall(s). This is to prevent downtime as
we are unable to send out support as quickly as you are used to from us.

* In case of an emergency please check your problem twice and only if the
problem still occurs then send an email. An emergency is if the network is
down or your servers are unreachable for more than 30 minutes. We do not
support any software or website code on your server. You might have had
support from us on these things, but that is because we help you wherever
we can. We cannot do this during this period as we are not at the office.

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