NFOrce achieves Quality, Reliability and Performance with Intel® DC SSDs.

Posted on 2016-09-26

With Intel® Data Center Solid-State Drives (SSDs), NFOrce strongly believes in a solution, where customers can benefit from their unique features;

• Data Center workloads, capable of enduring the more strenuous demands.
• End-to-End Data protection, specifically designed to meet the high data reliability requirements.
• Power Loss Imminent, if it senses a loss of power it automatically stops both external and internal IO and makes sure that all in-flight data is written to the storage media (NAND).
• Performance Consistency, the Intel® SSD Data Center Family scales well in RAID configurations whereas regular or consumer drives do not.

Performance Unleashed
When you are investing in data center infrastructure, you want technology that removes bottlenecks and improves performance and efficiency, all while keeping costs in check. Unleash the power of your data with Intel® Data Center SSD’s.

End-to-End Data Protection
In enterprise, the need to have accurate, highly reliable data is another reason to select a data center SSD. To support this requirement, Intel Data Center SSDs provide End-to-End Data Protection (E2E). With E2E, data is internally checked, validated, and corrected as necessary.

Consistently Amazing
Future proof your company's infrastructure with the extraordinary performance and reliability of Intel's Data Center SSDs.

Pair Intel® Data Center SSDs with Intel® CPUs, chipsets, firmware, Intel® Cache Acceleration Software, and drivers for a seamless system that helps processors handle 2.3X more transactions and reduces power consumption. That gives you a competitive edge as you deal with ever-increasing infrastructure demands.

To download the information sheet with read/write data click HERE

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