25 TB special bandwidth pack

Posted on 2016-07-22

Over the past 15 years we have been monitoring the ISP market and we are continiously adapting to the whishes of our customers.

One of the whishes was having a larger and competitive bandwidth pack included with each server at low or zero cost. Because of the way we, by default, allow clients to put their servers together in order (this to combine/pool bandwidth packs and use them as optimal as possible), we never had the chance to do this and 'give away' large bandwidth packs with each server.

We have recently integrated an option for clients to order a 25 TB (outgoing) bandwidth pack with each colocation or dedicated server (through our serverbuilder), without any costs. This next to the incoming bandwidth which is not charged for at all, but of course this always has been free. When ordered the bandwidth pack will be locked to your server by placing this server in a separate recurring order.

Next to that we currently have several hundred Gbps we would like to fill. Therefore we also have several unmetered offers in our unmetered special category, which you can find in the dedicated server page.

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