Network classes

Posted on 2016-05-11

Recently we’ve changed some things around regarding our network options for dedicated servers in our builder located at

The biggest reason for this is that we saw the need for some of our clients to be able to go for lower bandwidth prices than we already offer. In the past we’ve always provided one option in netwok quality, the best of the best. We noticed however, this is not always needed for some clients.

The network quality we can offer now contains 3 classes, start at class 1 (which used to be premium network), class 2 (used to be regular/bulk) and move down to class 3 Economy, which will be rolled out shortly to offer our clients with a smaller budget the same promise on network speed, but over less expensive transits.

Technically nothing changed in quality or routing, all is kept the same for class 1 and class 2. All the clients that ordered premium before is now called "class 1", and the clients with bulk/regular is called "class 2". The only technical change/addition is the "class 3", which will be rolled out later this summer.

A detailed explanation of these classes can be found here:

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