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Posted on 2016-05-06

Every now and then we as NFOrce sponsor certain projects and donate to (local) events or charities. This time, in May 2016, we have donated to a charity that focuses on helping children.

Many children, due to medical treatment or other causes, no longer have their hair. These children already are having a hard time in life. Unfortunately we can't help them medically, but there are also many other things we can do to help. For example many of us can't imagine not having hair in their childhood, as a child this can be very unpleasant to say the least. This is where we can help them, by providing a wig that looks natural. However a wig made of real hair is very expensive and it is not a priority when one is having a medical treatment.

This is where this charity comes in, they help children to get such a wig without any costs for the parents. We hope that the children will be able to enjoy life just a little more. Hence this is the reason why this time we have chosen to donate to this charity Hairwishes (Haarwensen).

You can find their website here:

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