Unmetered FUP pilot

Posted on 2015-10-10

In order to serve the needs of many of our new (and existing) clients, we have decided to take one of our popular products and tune it, so it can be made available for the needs of a broader public.

We have been offering Unmetered bandwidth for those who need it professionally for some time now. Unmetered is exactly what it says, you can use your full uplink speed without any restrictions, and you will get billed for a fixed price per month. Clients that use the above service, are usually the professional users that need all of the bandwidth the connection can offer, for example CDN services, file-sharing hosts etc.

We do however see the need to have the option to choose unmetered, but have no interest to use this to offer (professional) services such as file-sharing and other CDN related services. Clients like these are in general looking for a way to prevent surcharges due to unexpected excessive bandwidth usage.

Therefore, as a pilot, we are now offering the Unmetered FUP as a product option in our custom server builder, which in short provides you with the same unmetered connection as above, at a highly discounted rate of the normal costs.

The FUP entails we cannot condone filesharing/cdn or other high bandwidth consuming professional services. This option is meant for the less demanding user that does not want to be bothered with overcharge for bandwidth on a monthly basis.

For example we see this being a great product for a starting VPS reseller host, that cannot guarantee his own VPS users bandwidth promises. We as your provider can take away the risk from your business and make it our risk.

Also anyone who is now using around 100TB at a 1 Gbps connection, who is seeing a regular overcharge of the package could be eligible. You can choose to limit your risks by choosing (to change to) the Unmetered FUP product for a rather small upgrade cost. With it, you can rest assured your monthly recurring will remain the same, even if this month or any of the next it rises far above the previously 100TB pack.

Can I as a reseller make use of this?
Yes, this product is also available for you as reseller and you will still get your regular discounts applied to this as well. However the same set FUP policies apply for your client as well when using this product.

Who can not use the Unmetered FUP product?
Anyone offering hosting services in any form (and in particular professional use) for (Live) Video Broadcasting, Video on Demand, Filesharing, CDN services and other high bandwidth consuming public services.

What happens when the FUP is breached?
Should we notice that the FUP is breached or if for some reason you do not match the client profile for which this option was intended, we will contact you to discuss other options, we will not surcharge you for the bandwidth already used before we contacted you.

As with all unmetered products, bandwidth cannot be aggregated with other servers / orders.

If this is for you, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at or configure your new server at

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