Network plans for Q4

Posted on 2014-10-08

The planned network roadmap for our private interconnects for 2014 included connections towards Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and towards London (LINX). The connection to Frankfurt and the DE-CIX was already brought live last April. The connection towards London and the LINX was planned for Q4 of 2014.

In the past month we have been preparing our private connection to London. This is planned to go live on the 1st of november this year. On that date we will also go live with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) connection.

There are further plans for exanding to Sweden (Netnod) and Russia (MSK-IX). There is not a definate roadmap yet with exact dates for this. When this is known we will post this here.

Currently there are more great network features planned to be implemented this year. We however can not yet disclose the details about these features. This due to non disclosure agreements with the companies involved.

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