Cogent VLAN

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If you have a router and are in need of a direct vlan with an IP transit provider or peering exchange, then this the product you need.

We can provide you a direct vlan towards several IP transit providers and peering exchanges. Over this layer 2 vlan you can setup BGP routing.

This is a great solution if you are operating your own network with your own ASn. Benefits of this product are that you do not need to sign long term contracts, you get great pricings nonetheless and you do not need to order any patches, interconnects or even wavelengths or darkfibers to connect. The only thing you need is a port on one of our PoP locations ..

The surcharge price is the same as the applicable prepaid rate.


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€ 225.00
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€ 250.00


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€ 99.75

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Recurring Per 1 month € 225.00
Setup Fee € 250.00
VAT € 99.75

First payment (excl. VAT) € 475.00
First payment (incl. VAT) € 574.75

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