Re-Seller FLEX 10

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The Re-Seller FLEX 10

This is the ideal solution if you want to be able to deploy, create or sell up-to 10 VPS servers yourself. Be flexible in multiple ways, in creating a VPS with the power you need.

The Re-Seller Flex 10 consist of the following resources:
- 10 vCPU's
- 20 GB Memory
- 300 GB high quality Storage
- 30 TB total Bandwidth
- /28 Subnet (11 available IP's)
- Easy accessible Control Panel
- Maintainance Portal Account

Your benefits;

1) Whatever happens with your NFOrce VPS, you will always be secured of having more than enough speed to operate your business. With our secured 2x20Gbps connected to each Hypervisor, we guaranty the promised high-speed and quality connection you expect.

2) In case you need some assistance, the NFOrce professional and skilled Support team will be ready for you whenever you need them.

3) The highest possible up-time, the NFOrce Double redundant system is specially developed, this means your website or business keeps running, even if there is a hardware, network or power failure.

4) NFOrce only uses state of the art Storage which results in optimum I/O results.


Processor(s)10x vCPU
Memory20 GB
Storage300 GB
Uplink port1 Gbps NON-overbooked
IPv4 addresses/28 Subnet (11 available IP's)
Bandwidth30 TB
FeaturesMaintenance portal account



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€ 18.89

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Recurring Per 1 month € 89.95
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