Report Abuse

This form will help you to report any type of abuse regarding clients hosted on our network. It is very important that you follow the guidelines when you file your abuse report.

To prevent unnecessary delays we need to make sure that what you report is actually on our network so we can take automated action.
Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) policy.
NFOrce will respond and act on reports of CSAM with expedience. We would also strongly recommend reporting the domain to Meldpunt Kinderporno.

When we are made aware of domains hosting images of or content promoting CSAM, the report will be acted on immediately.
NFOrce acknowledges abuse reports from copyright holders or their legally authorized representatives. You may not submit more than 250 URLs at a time, single domain on each report and only domains that resolve to NFOrce IPs will be responded to.
NFOrce does not tolerate the distribution of malware or serving phishing content throughout the service. Legitimate reports of phishing and malware URLs will be addressed by our Team as soon as possible.
NFOrce does not tolerate Hacking or Abusing our network for Denial of Service (DOS/DDOS). Legitimate reports of Hacking or DOS/DDOS will be addressed by our Team as soon as possible.
How does this work? We will make 2 requests, one of them will use the ip you enter below with the hostname set in the request header. If both pages return the same result you can proceed with the abuse report. Misuse of this feature will get you banned.
Verify by using this command: curl -v -H "Host:"
IP address:
⚠ be aware: to many IP lookup errors will get you temporarily banned from using this tool.
Please read carefully:
  • You can submit up to 250 URLs or 1 IP per report.
  • All the urls in your report must have the same hostname. (one report per hostname)
  • False reports or attempts to bypass our verification system can get you banned.
  • Any invalid complaint will be ignored.
  • Response time to each report may vary.
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How we address abuse complaints

NFOrce Internet Services uses an automated system that will automatically process your abuse report. This system provides both the reporter and our customer with an efficient and insightful system. Once a report has been submitted, both parties will receive an automated response with the status of the report. This response will also allow you to communicate directly with the relevant department.

Due to Dutch Law, NFOrce Internet Services does not have access to any specific content that is hosted by our customers. Once we receive an abuse report, this report will be forwarded directly to the relevant customer. In most cases it may be more efficient to send the abuse report directly to the end user of our services, in some case this might even be required.