HP DL120 G9 20190816

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DL120 G9, E5-2620v3, 32GB RAM, 1x 1.9TB DC SSD + 3x 4TB SATA, 25TB BW

The HP DL120 G9 offers a combination of performance and redundancy, making it ideal for the growing needs of virtualization and general purpose workloads.

Chassis: HP DL120 G9
Processor: 1x Intel E5-2620v3 (2.4-3.2Ghz, 6C/12T)
Memory: 32 GB DDR4
Storage: 1x 1.92 TB DATACENTER SSD (HPE/SK Hynix) *Limited Offer*
Storage: 3x 4 TB SATA (refurbished)
PSU: 1x Single (1x UPS feed)
External Uplink: 1x 1 Gbps
IPv4 Addresses: 1x Single Addresses
Incoming Bandwidth: Unmetered
Outgoing Bandwidth: 25 TB locked special (class 2 - premium) **
Datacenter: No preference

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Special offerHP DL120 G9 20190816
ChassisHP DL120 G9
Processor(s)Intel E5-2620v3 (2.4-3.2Ghz, 6C/12T)
Memory32 GB
Storage3x 4 TB SATA (white label/refurbished)
Storage1.92 TB DATACENTER SSD (HPE/SK Hynix) *Limited Offer*
Uplink port1 GBIT dedicated
Outgoing bandwidth25TB Special (locked to the server), Class 2 Premium
Incoming bandwidthUnmetered
Other1x IPv4 address

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