NFOrce Storage Edition 20190805

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E5506, 16GB RAM, 8x 4TB SATA, 2x 1Gbps, 25TB BW

The NFOrce Storage edition is the ideal server due to its storage capacity and dedicated uplinks.

Offering plenty of storage with NON-overbooked 2x 1Gbps uplinks, this server will give you the speed and the capacity you need.

CPU: 1x E5506 (Intel 4-core 2.13 GHz)
Memory: 16GB
Storage: 8x 4TB (re-furbished)
RAID Controller: LSI SAS 9260-8i
Uplink: 2x 1Gbps
Incoming Bandwidth: Unmetered
Outgoing Bandwidth: 25TB (locked) (Class 2, premium)

- No further discounts applicable for this configuration.

- Server setup time will be with in max. 2 hours without OS installed. When OS needs to be installed setup-time is max. 24 hours.


Special offerNFOrce Storage Edition 20190805
Processor(s)Intel 4-core 2.13 GHz (E5506)
Memory16 GB
RAID controllerLSI SAS 9260-8i
Storage8x 4 TB SATA (white label/refurbished)
Uplink port2x 1 Gbps NON-overbooked
Outgoing bandwidth25TB Special (locked to the server)
Incoming bandwidthUnmetered
Other1x IPv4 address

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